The Rise of the Anti-Agency

Why S.B.D.A.? We know that in today's utterly saturated digital ecosystem, simply getting louder will not bring brands more attention from their customers. Brands need strategic, authentic, experiential, and targeted campaigns, and that's where the anti-agency excels..

Creating experiences - giving your customers a chance to interact with your brand in a real way - is where the anti-agency comes in. We understand how marketing and design should work together.

We provide the guidance, connections, and execution to launch, grow and reinvigorate businesses of all sizes.

A team of professional marketers that has executive-level experience in a variety of fields. We use our expertise to deliver incredible value and dominate all Internet marketing areas.

Our mission is to make sure that every dollar spent on any marketing initiative has a measurable positive impact on your business and your brand.

Paolo Martinoglio has a 8+ years background as a Digital Marketing Manager in Europe and Los Angeles.
After graduating at UCLA, he co-founded Silicon Beach Digital Agency with the idea of helping more entrepreneur to be at the very edge of the tech revolution. His passion and commitment for innovative products and cutting-edge strategies
translated to multiple creative fields, from branding to ecommerce and growth hacking.

Most notably, he gets excited from seeing a Brand come alive, and positively adding value to people that he works with. He creates strategies that are quick, effective, and generate the most impact in the digital space merging technology and creativity.

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