Silicon Beach Digital Agency


Display, Native & Audio Advertising

Display ads are placed on relevant third-party websites in the form of banner, image, and text ads.

Native ads are designed to completely assimilate alongside the content and design of the websites they appear within, creating a seamless transition into your brand’s shopping experience.


  • Perform campaign audit and opportunity analysis
  • Provide creative format and tactic recommendations
  • Develop performance-driven full-funnel targeting and campaign strategy
  • Optimize against core KPIs
  • Scale

We leverage audiences and category segmentation to drive results.

Target Audiences 

We build custom and lookalike audiences for each stage of the funnel based on your existing data (such as email, website events and demographic information). We serve the Ads to the most relevant audience for your Brand.


We constantly provide the guidance and work with you to identify best performing Ad sets and we A/B test creatives to optimize results. We work on the copy and the best CTA (call-to-action) to hit our goals. 

Optimize & scale 

Our goals is to help you scale your business. Once we hit a ROAS (return-on-Ad-spend) goal we start increasing your Ad spend exponentially. We constantly monitor KPI’s, provide detailed reports and adjust accordingly.   



AETHER is a complete lifestyle collection for urban-dwelling, design-focused, well-traveled men and women.

Our Facebook advertising solutions increased Facebook ad revenues by 5.5x, and decreased CPA by 67% despite doubling spend.

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We launched custom. retargeting segments broken down by site visitors, top engagement (time on site, content views, and page views), and users who engaged with AETHER’s social posts. These retargeting campaigns have earned a combined 617% ROAS.

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Online Revenue

We expanded AETHER’s interest-based audiences and increased the usage of lookalike audiences to optimize these acquisition campaigns. These results brought a +35% online revenue year-over-year.

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Despite almost doubling spend we decreased CPA (cost-per-acquisition) by 59%.